Real Detectives - Murder in Miami

Real Detectives - Murder in Miami

An entertaining detective game to find clues and solve mysteries

Detective stories are always fun to read. In this game, you will play for a detective in the US city of Miami, Florida, who needs to solve a murder case. In order to do so, you need to collect clues from different parts of the crime scene that can help you to catch the perpetrator.

You have several tools to achieve your goal. There is a camera with a special viewer, which activates when it finds something worth capturing, and a toolbox with different lab implements. Also, you will have the aid of your partner and the Police Department's laboratories.

The game is fun and entertaining, and you can add levels of difficulty by choosing not to show clues or indications on how to use the game's features. The graphics are rather simple, but they are good in general. Also, you can adjust the sound and music volume, and to play in full screen or window mode.

To install the shareware version of the game, you need to download an installation file which, in turn, needs to download additional files. This is a process that can take a long time, since those additional files are massive. Please take this into account if you want to download the game. Also, please note that you can play the shareware version of the game only during 60 minutes. If you want to play it longer, then you will need to purchase a license.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Fun
  • Entertaining
  • Affordable


  • Although the installation file is small, it needs to download another massive files to install the game
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